Creating New Experiences for Mobile Communication
JLQ provides advanced 4G/4G+ smartphone ICs and solutions to customers. Every user can enjoy high-speed internet and smart applications anytime and anywhere.
Our roadmap plan includes launching 5G smartphone ICs to meet the demands of more users and customers and improve user experience with ultra fast download speed, short latency and innovative applications.
Connecting the Infinite World of AIoT
JLQ's high performance AIoT ICs and solutions can be applied in the wide range of applications, from video security, smart display to automotive. End user products include smart camera, intelligent speaker, smart sweeper, robotic and more.
AI Opens Up a New Smart Era
JLQ's products integrated with AI technologies will make smart devices more powerful and intelligent in image, audio, video and security processing. Our smart device solutions will power the next wave of devices in various industries, accelerating the new AIoT era.